Mi Lin

Postdoctoral Researcher, Science-based Pathways for Sustainability & Sustainability in the Digital Age

Mi is from Zhenjiang, southeast China where she graduated from Nanjing University (NJU) and attained a Master's degree from Peking University (PKU) in environmental sciences and engineering. Earlier this year (2020), she completed her PhD in natural resource sciences at McGill University with a focus on the issue of groundwater depletion and the promotion of resilient water-secure systems. Prior to joining Future Earth, Mi served for UNDP Ecosystem and Biodiversity team working on project coordination and knowledge management, including facilitating high-level events and dialogues (e.g. World Wildlife Day, Nature for life hub), developing and managing online public portals (e.g. PANORAMA solutions), and supporting science-based policy analysis on nature-based solutions at country-level. She is also a member of the Quebec Center for Biodiversity Science Institute and Resilience Alliance Young Scholars society. In Future Earth, Mi will contribute to the development of biodiversity and sustainability pathways through two on-going projects: Science-based Pathways for Sustainability (SBPS) & the Sustainability in the Digital Age initiative (SDA). She is also a part of first cohort of trainees in the LEADs program (Leadership in Environmental and Digital innovation for Sustainability), a joint initiative of Concordia University, Sustainability in the Digital Age and other collaborators. Mi has been passionate about international sustainable development since she was a student journalist at PKU where she interviewed Nobel Laureates and international leaders. Throughout her studies, she has set up multiple volunteer teams to empower people and protect the environment. She has also launched several innovative projects designed to improve social well-being and protect Nature, including a mobile app for recording individual carbon footprints. Mi is also an amateur musician who has been playing the Guzheng (Chinese zither) for over twenty years.