Report on Workshop on Dialogue between Finance and Academia Published

Amid the accelerating global trend toward financial decarbonization (net-zero finance), in November 2021, the financial industry in Japan and researchers from the National Institute for Environmental Studies and other organizations held a two-day online workshop for a frank exchange of views. This report is a summary of the workshop. The workshop enabled financial industry participants, government officials, and researchers to share their respective approaches, concerns, and challenges, and to gain a common understanding of the issues that need to be continued and strengthened in the future. It was decided that a framework for continued discussion and collaboration will be created to explore specific possibilities in the future.

From the planning of this workshop to the compilation of the report, the leadership of the core members, including Dr. Kameyama, Director of the Social Systems Division of the National Institute for Environmental Studies, and the financial side, was instrumental in the process. The English version of the Report has been completed thanks to the great efforts of Ms. Natsumi Kobayashi, the workshop planning group, and Saraya Corporation. The report was designed by LUCKY Fountain Y.K., a member of the Future Earth Japan Committee.

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